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John Marshall High School
Class of 1966

Thank you to the Class of '66 Reunion Committee (Bud, Carol, Dan, Janet, Drew, Reivon, Dennis, Greg)  for putting together another wonderful get-together for our 56th.  Thanks are also due to Kathy Arena and to Lucía Caumont for the time that  they spent behind the camera taking pictures to help us remember this occasion.  The pictures will be posted on our site when they are made available to the site administrators.  It was such a pleasure to see everyone who came from far and near.   For those who were unable to attend, know that you were  missed.

Ode to Class of '66

In '61 they swarmed the halls,

like ants attacking honey!

Some were timid, some were bashful,

a few thought they were funny!

Crowded hallways, crowded stairways,

a routine completely new!

There were Peggy and Randy and Patty and Jim,

Sheryl and Carol, and Gary and Kim,

Kathy and Janet, Tom and Drew,

A boy named Bud, and girls named Sue.

Many, many more too numerous to name,

everyone was waiting to get in the game!

As I look back on those beginning days,

and think of those innocent faces,

A sense of pride fills my heart,

for you finally found your places.

And now that twilight approaches your lives,

you no longer scurry,

as all the honey in the world 

will not make you hurry!

This message I leave you

 before I depart,

The Class of '66 has stolen my heart!



Mr. Merrill Herrick

July 30, 2022

I'd been thinking it was time to update my profile. I had the planned hip replacement surgery in January and am now mostly recovered and looking forward to resuming a normal sort of life (for an old guy). Then tragedy stuck. Keiko, my wife of 37 years passed away September 5, an accidental drowning during our anniversary week activities. I'm devastated but working through the emotions and changes. I've been posting pictures of her on my Facebook page (take a look) and would be open to reestablishing friendships with anyone interested. Submitted by Charles Pearce




Karl Bloss  8/17